“Pat possesses a unique combination of strategic marketing skills and tactical know how to get the job done.” Bernie Joyce, President of Hyperdrive

Marketing is all about sales — specifically profitable sales.  Anyone that tries to tell you it’s about “Likes” and “Followers” and “Retweets” is, in my honest opinion, focused on the wrong things.

In order to generate profitable sales, my focus is on the customer, the competition and the market – so I can identify opportunities to offer unique, valuable solutions – as well as your organization so that we can develop and implement integrated sales and marketing campaigns that turn those opportunities into profitable realities.

Why you need me rather than…

For business owners and members of the C-suite who lead fast-growth companies, I provide you with the strategic and tactical expertise you need to improve sales and marketing performance and achieve your growth goals in both the near and long-term.  Unlike other marketers, consultants and agencies, that focus on more tactical issues such as brand management, digital marketing or Inbound marketing, I provide you with a unique combination of strategic sales and marketing expertise along with the tactical know-how that identifies and turns opportunities into profitable realities.

Let’s get started…

If you are searching for answers to questions like these…let’s schedule some time to talk.

  • How can we increase our number of orders?
  • How can we increase our average order size?
  • How can we increase our order frequency? 
  • How can we lower the cost per order?
  • How can we increase market share?

For the right opportunities, I am available on a full-time (employment) basis, interim and/or project basis.

So fill out the form in the right hand column, call me at 410-977-7355 or email me at pat at pat-mcgraw dot com.  Let’s schedule some time to talk about your vision, your needs and how I can help turn them into a profitable reality.


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For the right opportunities, I am available on a full time basis, interim basis or project basis — and the best way to get things started is to schedule some time for us to talk about your specific needs and expectations.

To schedule time to talk, you can submit this form, call me at 410.977.7355 or email me at pat at pat-mcgraw.com.

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