The “Sharing Economy” is Dead – Was It Ever “Alive”?

Can something that never was “alive” be “dead”?  And how do you “kill” something that never was proven to be alive?

“We now live in a global village where we can mimic the ties that used to happen face to face, but on a scale and in a way that has never been possible before,” Botsman explained, and these new systems allowed us “to engage in a humanness that got lost along the way.” We were now, she said, experiencing “a seismic shift from individual getting and spending towards a rediscovery of collective good.”

Did any of us “borrow” apartments or cars or rides or tools from family, friends, strangers?  I didn’t because of the FWF*.

“….it worked when I gave it to you…now it doesn’t so you owe me a new one!”

“…it didn’t work properly and that caused this damage so I am suing you!”

“…sure, I gave it back to you a couple of weeks ago.”

There’s a reason we didn’t get into the equipment rental business…and the simple act of renaming it the “sharing economy” wasn’t enough to sell all the apps developed to “make it work”.

* Fool With Factor, among other more colorful meanings.


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